$3.49 each / $41.88 per doz (+ tax)

Final Four cupcake Quartet 3/21-4/3



vanilla cake, baked without a liner, rolled in cinnamon sugar, topped with tangy cream cheese frosting, and a mini saguaro cactus sugar cookie

b-ball brown velvet

chocolate cake, topped with tangy cream cheese frosting, finished with chocolate pearls and a basketball pick



desert flower

vanilla cake, filled with hibiscus & prickly pear compote, topped with hibiscus infused butter cream and crushed pistachios



chocolate slam dunk

chocolate cake, topped with rich chocolate ganache frosting, chocolate sprinkles and a basketball pick




brown velvet

our version of a red velvet but with no red dye / moist chocolate cake, tangy cream cheese frosting


moist chocolate cake, rich chocolate ganache butter cream


coconut cake, coconut butter cream

peanut butter

chocolate cake, creamy peanut butter butter cream


vanilla cake, vanilla bean butter cream

birthday cupcake

moist vanilla cake topped with milk chocolate butter cream and carnival sprinkles


carrot cake, cream cheese frosting – made with organic carrots and walnuts


vanilla cake, lemon butter cream – made with fresh lemon zest and turmeric for natural color

German chocolate

chocolate cake topped caramel frosting and topped with toasted coconut and pecan crunch topping

orange blossom

An orange olive oil cake topped with a lightly-floral rosewater butter cream frosting.


banana cardamom spice cake, vanilla bean frosting

dairy free and vegan

black and white

vanilla cake, chocolate ganache butter cream

gluten free


moist chocolate cake, vanilla bean butter cream

gluten free

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