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Urban Cookies Bakeshop

Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl Team Cupcakes

$2.99 each (+ tax)

Seahawks Caramel Macchiato Cupcake Colts Gourmet Corn Dog Cupcake Patriots Boston Cream Pie Cupcake Packers Pub Cheese + IPA Cupcake
Seahawks Helmet Colts Helmet Patriots Helmet Packers Helmet

Seattle Sea Hawks

Caramel Macchiato
celebrating the coffee bean state Vanilla cake filled with rich caramel syrup and topped with milk chocolate coffee butter cream and a chocolate covered espresso bean.

Indianapolis Colts

Gourmet Corn Dog
celebrating the corn state Corn cake with a honey drizzle topped with a honey mustard cream cheese frosting, a roasted sugared tomato and a slice of local Schreiner's sausage

Schreiner's Sausage

New England Patriots

Boston Cream Pie
celebrating the boston-loved dessert Vanilla cake filled with a creamy custard and topped with dark chocolate ganache.

Green Bay Packers

Pub Cheese & IPA Beer
celebrating the beer and cheese state IPA beer cake made with Sun Up Brewing Company's Trooper IPA. Topped with a pub cheese cream cheese frosting and a sharp cheddar cheese crisp

Sun Up Brewing Company

Add team cupcake picks to your Super Bowl cupcakes!

Available Jan. 22 - Feb. 1

50 cents each

cupcake picks-50 cents each

Chocolate Shortbread Football Cookies

$2.50 each (+ tax)

Super Bowl Party Tray

Small Tray

includes 8 assorted cookies, 8 football cookies and 16 brownie bites
serves 24 people
$49.99 (+ tax

Large Tray

includes 16 assorted cookies, 16 football cookies and 32 brownie bites
serves 48 people
$99.99 (+ tax)



$1.79 each / $21.48 per doz (+ tax)

Milk Chocolate Chip cookie

dark chocolate walnut cookie

Pineapple coconut cookie

peanut butter cookie

milk chocolate chip
a classic made with organic madagascar bourbon vanilla

dark chocolate walnut
dark chocolate, organic walnuts, coconut and oats

pineapple coconut
sun-dried pineapple and unsweetened coconut

peanut butter
a classic made with creamy organic peanut butter

snickerdoodle cookie

oatmeal raisin cookie

double chocolate with sea salt cookie

Vegan Dark Chocolate cookies

a chewy sugar cookie rolled in organic cinnamon and sugar

oatmeal raisin
organic almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins and oats

double chocolate with sea salt
a rich brownie-like cookie topped with sea salt flakes

dark chocolate, walnut, coconut and oats
gluten free/dairy free



$2.99 each / $35.88 per doz (+ tax)

Brown Velvet cupcake

Chocolate cupcake

Classic cupcake

Coconut cupcake

brown velvet
our version of a red velvet but with no red dye / moist chocolate cake, tangy cream cheese frosting

moist chocolate cake, rich chocolate ganache butter cream

moist chocolate cake, vanilla bean butter cream (gluten free)

coconut cake, coconut butter cream

Peanut Butter cupcake

Vanilla cupcake

Birthday cake cupcake

Carrot cake cupcake

peanut butter
chocolate cake, creamy peanut butter butter cream

vanilla cake, vanilla bean butter cream

birthday cupcake
moist vanilla cake topped with milk chocolate butter cream and carnival sprinkles

carrot cake, cream cheese frosting – made with organic carrots and walnuts

Banana cupcake

Lemon cupcake

German chocolate cupcake

Orange blossom cupcake

banana cardamom spice cake, vanilla bean frosting (dairy free and vegan)

vanilla cake, lemon butter cream – made with fresh lemon zest and tumeric for natural color

German chocolate
chocolate cake topped caramel frosting and topped with toasted coconut and pecan crunch topping

orange blossom
An orange olive oil cake topped with a lightly-floral rosewater butter cream frosting.



$2.59 slice / $31.08 per doz (+ tax)

banana bread
moist banana bread sprinkled with oats (vegan)




$2.59 each / $31.08 per doz (+ tax)


Salted Caramel Nut Bar

Walnut Brownie


dark chocolate and chewy, made with local coffee

salted caramel nut bar
buttery shortbread topped with rich salted caramel, organic pecans, almonds and sunflower seeds

walnut brownie
a chocolate brownie filled with walnuts and topped with chocolate ganache and walnuts



Baked Donuts

$2.59 each / $31.08 per doz (+ tax)

gluten free & vegan!

Chocolate Donut Cinnamon Sugar Donut German Chocolate Donut Sprinkles Donut

chocolate chocolate
chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting

cinnamon sugar
vanilla cake brushed with coconut oil and dipped in cinnamon sugar

German chocolate
chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and a coconut pecan crunch topping

chocolate sprinkles
vanilla cake with dark chocolate frosting and carnival sprinkles

  Vanilla Donut Maple Pecan Donuts  

vanilla cake with vanilla bean icing and white sprinkles

Maple Pecan Donuts
these baked donuts are gluten free and dairy free and dressed for fall



$40 (+ tax)

Chocolate Cake  

We offer 9” round single layer cakes available in our cupcake flavors above. Available by special order – 48 hours advance notice required. If you’d like writing on your cake, please let us know. Serves 8 – 12 people.




New! Cold brew coffee on tap from Cartel Coffee

add in your choice of made- from-scratch caramel sauce and simple syrup plus chocolate syrup, half & half and vietnamese cinnamon

20oz $3.50 ea

Cartel Coffee!

Enjoy cold bottled beverages including organic milk, natural sparkling fruit juice, natural cola, organic tea and water.

$1.50 – 1.99 each (+ tax)

Cartel Coffee!