Baked Donuts 
gluten free & vegan


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Cinnamon Sugar Donut / GF & Vegan: Vanilla cake dredged in cinnamon sugar Contains: coconut $3.15

chocolate raspberry donut

Chocolate Raspberry Donut / GF & Vegan: Chocolate Cake topped with chocolate ganache icing, filled with natural raspberry jam and dried raspberries Contains: coconut $3.15

Lemon Blackberry Donut / GF & Vegan: Vanilla cake topped with meyer lemon icing and blackberry compote Contains: coconut $3.15

blueberry donut

Seasonal Blueberry Donut / GF & Vegan: Vanilla cake topped with blueberry icing and dried blueberries Contains: coconut $3.15

Chocolate Sprinkle Donut / GF & Vegan: chocolate caked topped with chocolate ganache icing and natural confetti sprinkles Contains: coconut $3.15

Strawberry Donut / GF & Vegan: Vanilla cake topped with strawberry icing Contains: coconut $3.15

Donut Day 2021

Fri, June 4

Be sure to pre-order or come early for this one day donut extravaganza! Only 1,200 donuts will be made, so make sure you get yours!

Donuts Featured on Donut Day
$3.15 ea / Sold Individually

Cinnamon Sugar
Meyer Lemon Blackberry
Chocolate Sprinkle
Chocolate Raspberry  


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