Baked Donuts 
gluten free & vegan



Cinnamon Sugar Donut: Vanilla cake dredged in cinnamon sugar (gf/v) $3.15 ea

German Chocolate Donut: Chocolate Cake topped with chocolate ganache icing and toasted coconut pecan crunch (gf/v) $3.15 ea

Maple Pecan Donut: Vanilla cake topped with maple icing and pecans (gf/v) $3.15 ea

Lemon Blackberry Donut: Vanilla cake topped with meyer lemon icing and blackberry compote (gf/v) $3.15 ea

Chocolate Chocolate Donut: Chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache (gf/v) $3.15 ea

Seasonal Strawberry Donut: Vanilla cake topped with strawberry icing (gf/v) $3.15 ea

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