Mini Cupcakes

cupcake comparison
cupcake comparison

standard sized birthday cupcake next to mini birthday cupcake

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Ordering Mini Cupcakes:

  • We just need 48 hours notice to fulfill orders for mini cupcakes.

  • Mini cupcakes are sold by the dozen.

  • You may choose one flavor per dozen of minis that you order.

  • Exactly how mini are our minis? We always say that our minis are "bite-sized" or two bites if you're being polite.

  • When ordering minis-we always recommend allocating at least two mini cupcakes per guest.

  • Please keep in mind when transporting your mini cupcakes that they're very light and fragile-so please handle with care!

  • Pricing: mini cupcakes are $32.99 per dozen, you may choose your minis in any flavor we offer our cupcakes, view our cupcakes menu here.