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(before you order/click here to read our cancellation policy below/especially if picking up within 48 hours of ordering) 
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First time ordering? Here are 8 helpful tips before you move on:


Create a Log In

We use a platform called ChowNow for our online orders. In order to place an order, you will first need to create a log in with your email and a new password. This allows you to have all your previous orders saved and keep your credit card on file. You can also download our app for super easy ordering if you're on a cell phone.



Before you start selecting your delicious treats, be sure to set your pick up DAY and TIME! At the top of the page under the green Pick Up button, drop down under ASAP and choose your day and time.



Our online menu is a live menu. As items sell out throughout the day, we mark them out of stock and they disappear from the menu. Remember, pre-order or come in early! We start to sell out by late afternoon.


OrderING In Advance

Our online ordering system allows for ordering as ASAP or in advance up to 6 days before pick up. Example: if you want to pick up March 31, you can place your order March 25. Remember: set your day and time first :)


Having Trouble Ordering?

If you begin the process and have trouble or are unable to place your order online, please send us an email at faq@urbancookies.com. We will respond as soon as possible with assistance. 


Large or Detailed Order?

Sometimes large or detailed orders can seem daunting to place online. If you'd prefer to speak to someone, please email us at faq@urbancookies.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Read our Order Policies

Cancellation Policy: 
100% refund:  48 hrs before the pick up time  on your receipt
50% refund: less than 48 hrs before the pick up time on your receipt

Early/Late Order Pick Up Policy: 
Before 8am:  orders are not available for pick up until 8am
After 6pm Mon-Fri or After 5pm Saturday:  orders must be picked up by 6pm. If you arrive at 6:01pm or later, your order will be available for pick up the next day.



concerned about an allergy?

Urban Cookies Bakeshop offers a variety of gluten free, dairy free, vegan, nut free and soy free options for our customers. However, we feel it is important that our customers understand that our baked goods are best designed for those who have chosen an allergen-free lifestyle and not those who are highly sensitive or who have a medical condition.


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