Valentine's Day

Thursday February 14, 2019
Goodies & gifts for your Valentine available  2/5 - 2/18
*Now Accepting Pre-Orders!

heart cookies 2019.jpg

Heart Sugar Cookies

classic sweet & soft sugar cookies
$3.25 ea

heart cookie cake 2019_edited.jpg

Heart Cookie Cakes

available in any flavor we offer our cookies, including our vegan and gluten free dark chocolate walnut 
$39.99 ea
*48 hours notice to order

cupids quartet 2019 2.jpg

Cupid's Quartet

-chocolate salted caramel *GF
-strawberry menage a trois *GF
-raspberry chocolate truffle
-raspberry cheesecake
$3.59 - $3.79 ea

valentines donuts 2019 2.jpg

Valentine's Donuts

-chocolate chocolate with heart sprinkles vegan and gluten free
-strawberry vegan and gluten free
$2.99 ea

pink heart citrus shortbread 2019.jpg

Pink Citrus Shortbread

shortbread cookies with a kiss of orange zest
$1.59 ea


Valentine's Brownies

our decadent gluten free chocolate brownie drizzled with pink tinted white chocolate and sprinkled with hearts
$2.99 ea 



cookie gifts 2 valentines 2019.jpg

Be Mine 
Cookie Gifts

6 regular cookies $18
12 regular cookies $32

valentines bars gift box 2019.jpg

Pink Crush 

8 gluten free valentine's day brownies $26

cupcake gifts 3 valentines 2019.jpg

Cupcake Gifts

4 cupcakes $20
6 cupcakes $27
12 cupcakes $49

cookie jar gift valentines 2019.jpg

Cupid's Cookie Jar

6 regular cookies $18
9 citrus heart shortbread $18


Donut know what I'd do without you!

5 vegan/gluten free donuts $20