Valentine's Sweets & Gifts
Available Tues, Feb 1 - Mon, Feb 14


My Valentine Vanilla

Vanilla cake filled with house-made marshmallow and topped with cream cheese and vanilla buttercream and vanilla pearls




You're Bomb Chocolate GF

Gluten free chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate buttercream, topped with rich dark chocolate ganache and chocolate pearls




So Sweet Strawberry GF

Gluten free strawberry cake filled with house-made strawberry filling, topped with strawberry buttercream and a fresh strawberry slice




Heart Shaped Sugar Cookie

A classic vanilla sugar cookie dipped in vanilla glaze & topped with heart sprinkles

*contains wheat, eggs, milk



Crush on You Caramel

Brown sugar cake filled with house-made caramel and topped with a caramel buttercream and caramel pearls



valentine donuts 2022.png

Valentine's Donuts

Our everyday strawberry and chocolate donuts dressed up with heart sprinkles

*contains coconut


valentines cookie jar 2.jpg

Cupid's Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar filled with 5 cookies:

2 milk & dark chocolate chip

1 snickerdoodle

1 double chocolate with sea salt

1 oatmeal almond raisin 

*see allergen info here


classic cookie favors.jpg

Classic Cookie Favor

Your choice of one of our everyday classic cookies, individually wrapped with a Valentine sticker

*see allergen info here


sugar cookie favors.jpg

Sugar Cookie Favor

One heart sugar cookie, individually wrapped with our Valentine sticker

*contains wheat, eggs, milk


classic cookies box.jpg

Be Mine Cookie Box

Each box contains 2 of each:

Milk & Dark Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate with Sea Salt

Pineapple Coconut


Peanut Butter

Oatmeal Almond Raisin

*see allergen info here




Cupid's Cupcake Quartet

Four decadent flavors with heart sprinkles, packaged in our clear top gift box with a Valentine sticker.

My Valentine Vanilla

So Sweet Strawberry GF

Crush on You Caramel

You're Bomb Chocolate GF




My One Churro Love

To-Go Cake

Our classic churro cake all dressed up with heart sprinkles

*see allergen info here