**Pre-order online or come to the bakeshop early - we sell out!


Cinco de Mayo

Tues, Apr. 27 - Sat. May 8

Our most popular line up of the year is coming soon! Pre-orders begin April 23!

Classic Churro $4.25 
Vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting
dredged in cinnamon sugar.

Margarita $3.95
Mexican lime olive oil cake topped with tequila lime butter cream, fresh lime zest and pink
sea salt (not kid-friendly)


Mexican Chocolate (GF) $3.95
Gluten free Mexican chocolate cake made with serrano chili powder and topped with chocolate cinnamon butter cream and
dusted with cinnamon.

Horchata $4.25
Vanilla cake filled with Jasmin rice pudding and topped with cream cheese frosting and
house-made cinnamon toast.


cinco 2018 group shot.jpg

New Vegan Treats!

Our new plant-based vegan treats are here now and here to stay!

We are so excited to bring more options to our customers who are looking for all the indulgence without the dairy and animal products. Plus, enjoy these new treats all year long as they are joining our every day menu. 

Chocolate Party Cupcake (Vegan) 
Banana Coconut Cupcake (Vegan)
Chocolate Pecan Cookie (Vegan)
Confetti Cookie (Vegan)
Chocolate Party To Go Cake (Vegan)


Vegan pastry launch 2021.jpg


decadent moist chocolate cake, rich chocolate ganache butter cream, chocolate pearls
contains: wheat, eggs, milk,
soy (sprinkles)

$3.85 ea

Birthday Cake

fluffy vanilla cake, milk chocolate butter cream, all natural confetti sprinkles
contains: wheat, eggs, milk,
soy (sprinkles), tree nuts,

$3.85 ea

Chocolate Party
*vegan & dairy free

decadent moist vegan chocolate cake, vanilla bean frosting, all-natural confetti sprinkles 
contains: wheat, coconut
$3.95 ea

Brown Velvet

Our version of a red velvet, but with no red dye: decadent moist chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, chocolate pearls
contains: wheat, eggs, milk,
soy (sprinkles)

$3.85 ea

Chocolate Salted Caramel
gluten free

decadent moist chocolate cake, sweet caramel butter cream, Maldon sea salt flakes
contains: eggs, milk, 

$3.95 ea

*gluten free

decadent moist gluten free strawberry cake, filled with strawberry compote and topped with strawberry butter cream 
contains: milk, eggs, tree nuts, cornstarch
$3.95 ea

Carrot Cake

spiced carrot cake with chunky walnuts and shredded carrots, tangy lemon cream cheese frosting, sprinkle of walnuts
contains: wheat, eggs, milk,  tree nuts, cornstarch
$3.85 ea

Banana Coconut
*vegan & dairy free

moist banana cardamom spice cake, coconut frosting, shredded coconut
contains: wheat, coconut
$3.95 ea