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Special Thanks to our Broker and Lawyer

Let's be real, we moved our business two times in the last 18 years, and neither time did we have a broker and / or a lawyer.

"But, this time, there was no way we were going to open a second location without a team protecting our interests."

We're going to chalk this up to being older and wiser, but having a broker helped us negotiate a better lease, gave us an outsider's opinion, and helped us better understand the process.

Ruly Couch (center), The Restaurant Brokers

Hiring a lawyer was probably the best decision we ever made. There is no way anyone can understand all of the legal jargon in a lease, much less how it can negatively affect your business and even your personal lives. And there's something amazing about hiring someone who will go to bat for you and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

Thank you Matt for always having our backs!

Matt Levine (right), Axiom Advice & Counsel

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