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Urban Cookies Bakeshop #2 Coming Fall 2023!

After a decade of dreaming and two years of planning and searching, we have finally found a home for our second bakery. If you can believe it, Brady and I are not natural risk-takers. We opened our first bakery in 2005, and grew it over nearly 18 years-- slow and steady. Like any business, we had ups and downs like getting through the financial crash of 2008, winning Food Network's Cupcake Wars in 2011, surviving a forced relocation in 2017, and a pandemic in 2020. But, if there's one thing you learn as a business owner and entrepreneur, it's trust your gut. There's just something to be said for "when you know, you just know." And that's how we felt in January of 2023, it's time to grow the business.

Brady and Shaun Breese, Owners

"There are moments in your life when it feels like all the stars align and the universe is pushing you forward. This is that moment for our little bakery. It's time to take a leap and trust that gut feeling that tells you, you can do it."

Our team is looking forward to the opening of the new shop, or as we call it: UCB2.

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2 commenti

Planning to come see you two! I do pharma sakes in your area. Always looking for fun idea! katie Wood- aka Katie Belisle. I haven’t see you since cheer! 😂

Mi piace

Super excited that you are opening a second location in Scottsdale. I have been driving to your 7th Street location for years and look forward to having you a tad closer. In reality, it doesn't matter, I would drive anywhere for your deliciousness!

Mi piace
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